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Helicopter: Medical Ambulance


GET TO THE RESCUE IN HELICOPTER MEDICAL AMBULANCE!Ever wanted to fly a helicopter and rescue people? This is your chance to proof yourself as a worthy ambulance helicopter pilot! But first you will have to learn to fly the medical ambulance helicopter in our medical rescue simulator!FLIGHT SIMULATOR GAMES WERE NEVER THIS MUCH FUN!You don't want a dead pool so apply some medical assistance, how quick can you be at the emergency scene in your medical ambulance helicopter because time is of the essence in our helicopter medical ambulance simulator!
BE THE MASTER OF THE SKY IN YOUR MEDICAL AMBULANCE HELICOPTER!Once you master the controls you’ll be able to fly quickly and smoothly across the beautiful city in your medical rescue helicopter! Play 20 challenging rescue missions, rescue them all from the dead pool!
PLAY ONE OF THE BEST FLIGHT SIMULATOR GAMES ON THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE!Be the hero of our city and take flight in this flight simulator games! The city has tall buildings so fly carefully you don’t want to end in a dead pool! Take control of your own rescue helicopter and take flight inside the city, and search for rescue emergencies and apply medical assistance!
HELICOPTER MEDICAL AMBULANCE - GAME FEATURES:- Realistic flight game rescue experience - Play 20 challenging medical rescue missions- Feel like a real pilot flying and train your rescue medical skills for our flight simulator games- Experience the realistic controls of the medical rescue helicopter- Rescue the people from the dead pool!
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